Monday, December 16, 2013 — 11:46 pm


yeah I know and I want to sleep too

I don’t even have an excuse anymore, my cat left

but i don’t want to go yet, I want to read bad fanfictions

I already hit her in the shoulder (right after I texted you actually bc I knew you would want me to)

I really want to go all : “Ohana means family” but I’m pretty sure that’d be too cliché

alright alright, not mentioning the end of the Book, I got it

then go, you have to wake up freakin early tomorrow and i… need you to be at your best

and you could have always crushed rouquin? bougnette? (c’est encore pire quand c’est écrit d’ailleurs) they’re cats, they’re used to it

bad… wait… i’ll find the name… bagginshield ff? or something else?

owiii! well, a shoulder shouldn’t be hit, but… still good that you did it to defend my honor :)

“Ohana means family”

wait what? the end of the book? this one i did not get (too lazy to upload that gif)

Monday, December 16, 2013 — 11:24 pm


great so now we’re both crying


but yeah you’re family

my sister compared you with food so you’re officially adopted

you don’t have any choice

and when we die I take you to Narnia

and we get another fandom against you

well i’m not there yet, but i will if you keep going… and yeah… 11pm… maybe you should go to bed? get some rest… all that jazz… not that i want you to go, but i also don’t want you to fall asleep tomorrow :/

and thanks for reminding me of your sister… i forgot to tell you to slap her for me this morning x)

soooo yeah, i have a new family now… oh well, it can only be better than the original one

and don’t talk about our deaths… even if it’s to mention just another fandom hating on my poor little person

Monday, December 16, 2013 — 11:10 pm


you’re going to make the Hobbit angry !!

you’re family

they were family

it feels the same

it feels like for a second i’m not alone and i don’t have to be strong

(i am not i know shhhhh)

it feels like having a big sister

someone i can just talk to and count on

so shut up

your hugs are awesome

Do not get angry you little Hobbit! Or else you’ll have a weird Elf on yo’ sorry ass!

And now I’m speechless… thanks… you’re gonna make me cry, you know that?

And you’re not alone, you should never feel like it, just like you should never feel like you have to be strong, you ARE strong. (you know i’m right, and if you don’t then i’ll try to prove it to you someday, because you really are)

and your big sister is really emotional now…

Monday, December 16, 2013 — 10:58 pm


I’ll have you know that I love your hugs

they are very comfortable

and they feel like the ones my group of friends used to give me all the time

three years ago

or even more i can’t remember

so no

"3 poor hugs" is not how i would have put it

Fine, my hugs aren’t too bad, but… they’re certainly worth the ones you used to receive when you were with your group. There’s only one of me here… and it’s just me. And shh, I’m right, you’re wrong :)

Monday, December 16, 2013 — 10:50 pm


I do need a triple hug so yeah, that sounds really great.

I love you you Elf !

i just hope you’ll feel better by then… or else you’ll need more than just 3 poor hugs.

Love you too ♥


Monday, December 16, 2013 — 10:35 pm


You should have asked for a hug, lil’ thing :3

Don’t make fun of me I really want/need one I’m crying in front of my laptop like an idiot bc I learnt that one of my fav actors did something utterly stupid and impossible to excuse

I am hurt bc I feel like I was wrong about him

and I don’t want his career to be screwed because of this

I wasn’t making fun of you :/ And crying is never an idiotic thing… even when it’s about something stupid (really stupid, not stupid like… whatever this actor did)

Aww, come here, baby Hobbit

I can’t really hug you, but I wish I could be with you right now. You’ll have a triple hug Thursday morning, how does it sound?

Saturday, December 07, 2013 — 3:58 am

"…a succubus needs a healthy sex life in order to be stable."

Saturday, December 07, 2013 — 3:56 am


-You are more alive than anyone that I have ever met.
-You’re not like anyone I’ve ever met, in any of my many lifetimes.

Saturday, December 07, 2013 — 3:53 am
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Dianna on working with Naya

Saturday, December 07, 2013 — 3:51 am
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Foolish Fangirl


Waiting for Naya Rivera and Dianna Agron to be publicly friends again. Waiting for one of them to tweet each other cute things. Waiting for secret messages and inside jokes through tweets. What happened to our babies ;________;